Here are some common questions we get at Value Holidays.

What does “custom tailored” really mean?

Custom tailored means that your tour will be “designed” to your specifications such as length of the trip, cities and sights you would like to see, what hotel category and room type you prefer. Nothing is “pre-packaged”, it will be “YOUR” tour.

I would like to include something “special” in my tour.

Not a problem. We can include anything from private wine tastings, concert tickets, private performances of local folklore groups. We have already arranged private concerts of the Vienna Boys Choir!

What group size are your groups?

Our group sizes are usually around 30 and very seldom go over 40. If you are looking at a particular tour please let us know and we can tell you what number of participants we are expecting.

Is your tour conducted in more than one language?

No, our tours are conducted in English.

Can I pay overseas in U.S. Dollars?

Most European countries are on the Euro which makes it very easy when your tour covers more than one country. If you would like to sample the beer or the wine in a local pub or buy some chocolate you would need cash. Larger restaurants and stores will accept your U.S. credit card. The local currency of the country you are visiting is easy to obtain through ATM machines with your debit card

Do I need a passport and a Visa?

When traveling outside the U.S. a passport is required. Many countries require that the passport has to be valid 6 months AFTER the date of return. Some countries also require a visa. We will advise at the time of reservation if a visa is required.

What additional cost do I have to budget for?

All tours will disclose exactly what is included. Our tours almost always include breakfast and some, if not all dinners. That would leave you with the cost for lunch. Beverages are not included with your meals giving you the opportunity to try the local beer, wine or soft drinks. In addition you have to budget for the souvenirs and gifts you would like to bring home with you plus the gratuity for your tour director and driver of your motor coach.


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