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Ski Europe

Ski Austria, Ski Switzerland, or Ski France

- Value Holidays invites you, your family & friends to

ski Europe

in the magnificent Alps. Come travel with Value Holidays to some of the greatest European ski destinations during the 2014-15 winter ski season. Carve through the snow-covered mountains and enjoy the spectacular beauty of Europe with these special alpine ski prices.

This is your opportunity to experience the Alps' unique nature, culture and ambience, and above all - the warm hospitality of its people! Europe's Alps are truly a Winter Wonderland, where you can pursue many types of snow sports, go on a torch-lit sleigh ride, enjoy the region's hearty cuisine or... explore the many picturesque towns and villages that beckon you with their cozy shops and quaint architecture.

Of course, the Alps truly offer you "Skiing Unlimited" - whether you are a beginning enthusiast or almost a pro. You may ski on new powder or an a packed piste, downhill or cross-country - we have it all! Enjoy miles of trails through the most dreamlike landscape, or take on the challenge of the various levels of downhill slopes. And after an exhilarating day, you and your family and friends get to enjoy a lovely meal, relax in front of a crackling fireplace, take a dip in the sauna or indoor pool, or you can go dancing at a local disco!

Ski France
from $1,819.00
From the land of romance, ski pristine mountains, explore quaint hide-a-ways, and dine in fashionable, affordable restaurants.

Ski Austria
from $1,709.00
The mecca of alpine skiing, Austria is host to dozens of quality ski resorts. If you want challenging ski slopes and beautiful country, then Austria is the place for you.
   St. Anton

Ski Switzerland
from $1,682.00
Skiing in Switzerland is one of the great treats in a skier's lifetime. This little country full of mountains has ski resorts around every corner and over every hill. Our packages include...