landmarks 161.jpgAgriculture has gone global. Experience it!

Interested in destinations that offer unique technological, educational and cultural content? Want to make new agricultural/rural contacts? Looking for a way to combine business and pleasure? Value Holidays will help you custom design a quality international agricultural tour experience that will meet the needs of your organization or special interest group.

Whether you are interested in educational travel seminars, trade missions to meet new clients and introduce new products, or incentive travel, we can customize an agricultural tour perfect for your group. Value Holidays organizes over 100 custom tours per year. We have organized over 50 custom tours specific to rural or agricultural issues within the last few years to destinations including Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, China, Costa Rica, South Africa, Vietnam, Turkey, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Germany, Thailand, Russia, Poland and more.
Most groups can have one or more complimentary or reduced rate spaces for group leaders or tour organizers. A group can be as small as 10 people for planning and discount purposes!

There are many reasons to travel around the world. What’s yours? Let us help you customize the ideal agricultural tour. Mix elements of work and leisure to experience the tour of a lifetime. Dive into new cultures, enjoy sightseeing, taste new foods, explore international trends and have fun!

The benefits are YOURS!

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